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Education Planning

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Supporting a child’s education can be one of the most rewarding aspects of success and one of the most important elements in your financial plan. With rising inflation and the high cost of education, planning to contribute to your child’s higher education may require an early start.

There are a variety of investment vehicles and tax-efficient options to contribute to the cost of higher education. As your trusted partner, our knowledge and professional guidance can help you analyze the tax benefits, ownership structure, risk, and contribution limits involved – even what to do with your leftover education funds if your aspiring academic earns a scholarship.


We use 529 college savings plans as our education planning investment tool. The funds you contribute will grow tax-deferred and tax-free when withdrawn. 

College Savings Accounts

UGMA/UTMA accounts are great tools for college savings. You open the account under your child's name, but you control it while your child is a minor. This allows you to contribute to the account for several years before your child can access the funds for their education. 

College Savings Calculator 

We use an effective college savings calculator to create a realistic and achievable plan for your family.

Next Generation Financial Education

We offer a educational series that provides the necessary resources and knowledge to our client’s families so that they may be the best steward of their assets as they grow up.

Why Choose Us?

For parents of all ages, paying for your child’s higher education is a long-term dream. When you invest in potential, you’ll do more than what helps make the dream of education possible for a student in your life.  Let us set a plan in place that removes overwhelming over college costs and makes the path forward clear. When you partner with us on investment planning for children, we can make it easy to fund your child’s education. 

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