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Financial Planning

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Whether you’re looking to grow your money over time, generate income in retirement, or preserve wealth for future generations, confidence in your financial plan is crucial. As your knowledgeable partner, we provide wide-ranging, comprehensive financial planning services with which to chart a detailed course for pursuing a bright and confident future.

Our disciplined planning process accounts for your short-term and long-term goals, your tolerance for risk, and your stage of life. At Saxon Financial Group, our financial advisors keep a watchful eye on today’s complex domestic and global markets. In our experience, that’s the best way to customize a comprehensive, diversified portfolio that is flexible enough to meet your needs now and in the years to come.

Wealth & Investment Management

We access your short-term and long-term objectives to craft a custom investment plan, oversee your investment portfolio, and create a savings plan while keeping a clear line of communication with you.

Banking & Lending Solutions

We pursue banking and lending solutions that serve you with competitive interest rates and transparent policies. 

Insurance & Annuities

We choose the insurance or annuities plans that match your objectives, whether you need life insurance to plan for your family's future or business insurance to protect your commercial assets. 

Legacy Planning

We help you decide and implement exactly what you would like to do with your assets in the future. This service also includes estate planning, succession planning, and philanthropic planning.

Why Choose Us?

At Saxon Financial Group, we create dynamic financial plans. Things change, priorities sometimes shift, and new opportunities wait right over the horizon. That is why we review your plan’s progress relative to your defined objectives. Should things change, we rely on myriad resources and experts to help guide our decision process and suggest appropriate actions or strategies.

Together, we can review the options and make objective decisions. To keep you apprised, we provide ongoing reporting of your account activity and conduct periodic reviews. Because we are partners in this important endeavor, we also rely upon you to communicate any significant changes in your life.

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