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Next-Generation <br/>Financial Education

Financial Education

The Saxon Financial Group next-generation education program intends to provide the necessary resources and knowledge to our client’s families so that they may be the best steward of their assets. These meetings are a safe place to have confidential conversations about financial matters so that you can acquire the skills necessary to live a fulfilled life without fear or concern about money.

Welcome Meeting

We will arrange a meeting with you via Zoom or in-person for a meet and greet to review the program. We will:

  • Discuss 1-2 topics from the provided list
  • Discover your interests
  • Set up a follow-up meeting and select topics to discuss
  • Provide post-meeting notes

Topics To Discuss

How Do I make My Money Make Money?

  • Liquidity
  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Deferral
  • Why Invest?
  • The Difference Between Investing and Speculation
  • What is the difference between a stock, bond, ETF
  • How Do I Generate Income from My Investments?

Goal Setting

Setting your goals, both long-term and short-term, is where we start. After we know what you want to accomplish, we look at how those goals and saving for them will fit in with your day-to-day expenses and how we can save along the way.

What You Gain

Going through this educational program helps you see a clearer picture on issues of:

  • How do I know if the career I choose will support my desired lifestyle?
  • What is my perception of money?
  • Learn how to respect money as a tool and not give it too much power

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