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Nicholas Price

Nicholas Price

Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner

Nick joined us in 2020 as our financial planner. He combines his knowledge of risk management, investment management, estate planning, and tax planning to build comprehensive financial plans to monitor our clients' financial health and create the most efficient strategies for our clients to achieve their goals.

He believes that financial planning is about more than just numbers and cash flows and that the client's values, beliefs, and emotions play a vital role in their overall plan. What's best for the client is what the client needs, wants, and feels comfortable with, which is why we equally account for both the emotional and financial elements in each of our client's plans.

He is also a big proponent of education and enjoys educating clients on all the options available to them with what they own. Nick believes giving clients an adequate understanding of what they have empowers them to make more informed decisions, not just in terms of their money, but towards their overall goals.

Nick is a Houston native who graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University. Before coming to us, Nick worked for the private banking division of JP Morgan Chase.